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5 Reasons Why Single Should Travel Alone (Once in your Life)

5 Reasons why single should travel alone

Travelling alone around the world especially on women has always a negative truculence and I always hear this line ‘its dangerous for a woman to be alone’. It takes so much courage and confidence to conquer the negativity and I always keep positive wherever I travel. It is a life-changing decision and I discovered more about myself. Just follow your instinct and research about your destination’s culture and customs before travelling.

1. Easy To Plan Your Travel

Nowadays, many airline offers a low fare and it’s easy to book your next flight if you are just alone. We often plan to travel with friends but I always end up traveling alone, they are busy with work or no budget. Just pack your things, be sure to bring your travel documents and get on the plane. It’s just simple as that.

Travelling solo – No worries, no hassle.

Photo by: Skitterphoto
Photo by: Skitterphoto

2. Easy To Meet New People (If You Like)

Meeting new friends when you’re alone is not a problem. During your trip, you will likely find someone travelling alone too. In my experience, I can easily join other groups or meet people, strike with their conversations because I don’t worry about my friend or partner. I usually stays at hostels and met new fellow travellers and backpackers. I also like meeting with the locals or people from different backgrounds, experience their culture, also open up our minds, inspire us to travel more and expand our world to wider horizon.

If you like to meet new friends, here’s your chance. Don’t be afraid to first say ‘Hi’ or make a friendly move, in that way you can have new instant friends, not just a simple friends  but friends for life (if you like).

Newtown_festival in Sydney with newly meet friends
Newtown festival in Sydney with newly met friends

3. Boost Your Self Confidence & Feel Empowered

Solo travelling takes so much confidence and courage to go further. For me, travelling alone is self empowering and liberating that I can do things on my own and its the best thing I can give for myself. You will discover how resourceful and self-sufficient you are, can give boost of inspiration and motivation you need in your beautiful life.

Start to make a decision for yourself and you will never regret your best experience in life.

Royal National Park, Australia
Royal National Park, Australia

4. You Are The Master Of Your Itineraries

Travelling alone is exciting. You can get up early or anytime you like, you are the master of your itinerary. You will hassle everybody if you get up late and someone is waiting for you especially on group tours or if you have a travel buddy.

Being alone, you can simply  take time, make a decision for yourself and move.

Travel Itinerary

5. Easy To Heal The Broken Heart

They said ‘Time heals’ but I guess travelling alone heals the broken heart faster. You can have time for yourself and think your worth. When my boyfriend and I broke up, my world broke down. I spent time alone, was crying every now and then, helpless and no social life. One day, I decided to  travel to island of  Siargao. I met amazing  people, engaged to different activities, learned to love myself, learned to let go of our happy memories and I woke up one morning and I realized that I don’t love him anymore. It’s just surreal feeling when you realize that your happiness doesn’t depend on anybody but to yourself.

For those broken hearted, pack your bags, travel and enjoy your independence. Who knows, you will likely meet your lifetime partner along the way.

Photo By: Pexels
Photo By: Pexels

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Single Should Travel Alone (Once in your Life)

  1. Interesting read; indeed traveling is probably the best way to get to know yourself. Sometimes when traveling on business I forget the beauty of having my own time and schedule. Last year I went to Asia alone for 25 days, I don’t like hostels, I stayed in business hotels, mainly because that’s how I’m use to, and how I feel safe and comfortable. I meet many people, I enjoyed that travel much more than the 130 I did the same year for business in and out airports and meetings; I felt free. Definitely I will do it again

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